How you can help?

What we’re working on at the moment and what we need help with…

Because we only just set the trust up we haven’t been ratified yet so we’re not able to open a bank account to start accepting any donations. While we wait for that the things we’re doing and need help with are:

Telling everyone

People need  to know the farm is at risk, join the mailing list for the West Town Farm Community Trust, get in touch if they might like a share. The faster we can spread the word and get a list of those interested in a share the better. So tell your friends, your colleagues, the other parents from your child’s class, the guests who came to your wedding at West Town Farm, the woman behind you in the que for lunch, basically anyone who stands still long enough to listen!


Though we’ll try and make shares affordable we do appreciate that many of our supporters will be on tight budgets but buying a share isn’t the only way to help. Can you run a fundraising event for the farm instead or do you have an idea for a fundraising event we can tell others about? The more fundraising ideas we can share the better and funds raised will all help get us closer to the goal of buying West Town Farm for the community.


So do you work in communications, take great photos, give legal advice to community projects, write fundraising applications, design logos, are you amazing at social media or the producer of a national TV news programme, do you run a print shop, maybe you’re an accountant with some spare time? It’s going to take a team of people to save the farm and we’ll take whatever time and skills people are willing to donate. Just let us know what skill or service you’d like to contribute and we’ll do our best to put it to good use.

The Techy Bits

The two things we’re working on right now are the Business Plan and the Share Offer as they both need to be ready as soon as possible. We’re taking advice on both but if either of these things is your specialism then please do tell us.