Now and in the Future

Now ..

West Town Farm, along with its partners organicarts and Love Local Food, has developed so many exciting projects and events over the last 10 years ..

Find out some of great things that happen now ...
  • 150 funded educational visits
  • over 5000 visitors a year
  • weekly sessions in the organicARTS pottery and Community Garden
  • pasture fed cattle
  • public access through farm trails
  • great events for the community
  • sowing to encourage wild birds
  • creative workshops using home grown resources
  • birthday parties for young and old
  • conferences, presentations and awaydays
  • projects with housing associations, children’s centres, schools, community groups of all ages
  • fireside cooking of seasonal produce with Love Local Food

.. and in the future

There are so many possibilities for West Town Farm. We will be presenting these as part of the Business Plan however here are some of them. Please email us to send us your own ideas!

In the Farm yard ..

The Farm Yard has seen many changes over the years from horses to tractors and from dairy to beef. Recently the Environmental Stewardship scheme has helped fund the creation of a classroom space and visitor facilities.
West Town Farm Community Trust now future - Farmyard

What we are thinking of for the future of the farmyard?
  • an improved barn for events
  • converted buildings for offices and meetings,
  • workshop spaces
  • a teaching kitchen

In the woodland ..

Chillies Copse is home to much wildlife with old oaks, new ash, spring bluebells, and dormice nibbling autumn hazel nuts. Woodland management enhances this diversity.
West Town Farm Community Trust now future - Woodland

What we are thinking of for the future of the woodland?
  • coppice management
  • woodland camps
  • green wood working
  • nature trails
  • forest school

Out on the farm ..

The fields shows a tapestry of land use and wildlife. Grazing by beef cattle benefits species diversity, so our Environmental Stewardship agreement helps us optimise the amount of grazing and the planting of crops.

West Town Farm Community Trust now future - out on the farm

What we are thinking of for the future of the farmland?
  • community planting and harvesting
  • supporting new entrants to farming
  • widening the educational program